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Dot-befehle bei FREEHOST
Mit einem sogenannten Dot-Befehl [dot = englisch für "Punkt", wegen dem Punkt, der vor jedem Befehlstext eingegeben werden muß] in der Funkzeile kann man bestimmte Funktionen aktivieren, die im folgenden aufelistet sind.
Die Befehle sind in ihrer alphabetischen reihenfolge aufgeführt.

.commandos fx

Es wird ein Screenshot angefertigt

Die folgenden Befehle werden demnächst übersetzt und eingearbeitet:

This brings the exact IAS speed into the radio buffer.

.mapflags x
If you are a squadron leader, you can activate this feature, which shows the radar coverage of each field as circles. In the place of x type 1 to activate and 0 to deactivate.

Joining a squadron
To join an existent squadron, someone of that squad must type in the radio buffer the ".invite xxxxxx" command, where xxxxxx is your pilot's name. If no problems occur, you shall receive the invitation. To complete the process, just type the ".jsquad" command.
If a problem occurs, the error message will be sent to the pilot who sent the invitation. Possible errors:
The squadron is at the 32 member limit
You are already in another squadron
To leave a squadron, type ".withdraw"

Creating a squadron
There must be two pilots online to create a squadron. The commands are the same as if joining a squad, with one having to invite the other. He who invites will be the squadron leader, being allowed to change squad member's permissions ( if they are allowed to invite other members, remove them, rename the squad or it's motto. ) and having access to field radar coverage on the map. To activate/deactivate this last feature, type the ".mapflags x" command. In x, type 1 to activate and 0 to deactivate.
If a problem occurs, the error message will be sent to the pilot who sent the invitation. This process may fail if one of both pilots are already in a squadron. To leave a squadron type ".withdraw". As leader, to disband your squadron, type ".disband".

.hl xxxxxx
This command will highlight a player's name in-game making it white. This is great when you are flying as a pair.

When typed in flight, this shows the number of pilots on each side in the radio buffer. When typed in the tower, it brings a window with every pilot, the team he is flying for and if he is in flight or in which tower.he is in.

.field f#
If typed in the tower, this shows a list with all the structures of a certain field and if it is alive or destroyed. If typed in flight, it shows the field's owner, size and status ( open or closed ). Example: ".field f14"

.climbspeed x
It sets the speed with which you climb when on "trim on speed". ( activated by default with shift + x ) The speed is in Mph.

This shows the current in-game time at FH.
1 FH day = 2 real hours
1 FH month = 4 FH days = 8 real hours
3 FH months = 1 real day
1 FH year = 4 real days
A ToD starts Jan 1940 and lasts 68 FH-months (22.66 real days) until Aug 1945
Gives your current altitude in the radio buffer.

Gives your current coordinates.

Shows some of the servers settings.

Shows a server help file.

.ignore xxxxxx
Is that brat still on your back? Type this command, with his name in the xxxxxx field and he will be ignored. To see the list of people you are ignoring, type only ".ignore".

.listen xxxxxx
By typing a pilot's name in the xxxxxx field, you will stop ignoring him. To stop all ignores, type ".listen all".